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Exploring the Relationship Between Fibroids and Pregnancy Health

Could my fibroids lead to infertility? This is one of the most common questions women have when they are diagnosed with fibroids, especially if they're hoping to grow their family. 

Don't panic—having fibroids doesn't necessarily mean you'll struggle to conceive. However, if your fibroids are causing symptoms, they could potentially affect your pregnancy journey without timely and effective medical intervention, like uterine fibroid embolization (UFE).

Let's dive into understanding how fibroids can impact fertility and explore the ways certain treatments, like UFE, can assist in overcoming these challenges. Continue reading to learn more. 

Fibroid and Fertility: Can Fibroids Affect Your Ability to Conceive?

Fibroids can pose challenges to a woman's ability to carry a pregnancy for several reasons. 

First, fibroids can hinder the sperm's path to reach the eggs, mainly near the cervix or within the uterine cavity. 

Second, these uterine growths can interfere with the implantation process. If located in the uterine cavity or close to the fallopian tubes, fibroids can block the fertilized egg's journey, preventing it from attaching to the uterine lining and preventing a successful pregnancy. 

Another factor in fibroids and fertility is their effect on the shape of the uterus. Depending on their size and position, fibroids can distort the uterus, causing it to become misshapen or enlarged. This change can affect the uterus's functionality, leading to challenges in successfully implanting a fertilized egg or the growth and development of a pregnancy.

Can I Have a Healthy Pregnancy with Fibroids? 

The short answer is yes, a healthy pregnancy is possible with fibroids. In fact, many women with fibroids have no trouble getting pregnant or maintaining a healthy, full-term pregnancy and normal labor and delivery.

Here is an uplifting story about a prominent individual who overcame fertility hurdles to achieve a successful pregnancy after fibroids:

Rapper Shawntae Harris, professionally known as Da Brat, recently shared her fertility journey leading up to the birth of her son. Despite a previous miscarriage, after undergoing surgical procedures to remove fibroids and polyps, she successfully underwent embryo transfer at the age of 48!

Addressing symptomatic fibroids is a crucial medical decision, especially if you hope to grow your family. While pregnancy remains possible with fibroids, they can create an unfavorable uterine environment for the embryo, elevating the risks of pregnancy loss, premature labor, and delivery complications.

Nonetheless, there are promising reports. A study revealed that 90% of participants reached full term despite significant fibroid growth into the second trimester after a relatively minor procedure.

The participants received varied treatment approaches, with the group undergoing progesterone treatment and a cervical intervention exhibiting the highest success rates—surpassing even those who underwent surgical fibroid removal via myomectomy.

Although this outcome is promising for pregnant women with fibroids, seeking fibroid treatment before attempting pregnancy could provide better results.

Supporting a Healthy Pregnancy: Effective Fibroid Treatment Options in Dallas

At the Dallas Fibroid Center, we urge women to talk about their family plans with our experts, especially if they're living with fibroids or at risk of developing them. 

Uterine fibroid embolization is often an excellent treatment choice, reducing fibroid symptoms and keeping the uterus healthy for pregnancy.

During UFE, one of our specialists blocks the blood flow to fibroids by injecting particles through a specialized catheter. 

For some, surgical intervention might be the best option for fibroid treatment. After surgery, a recovery period is needed, usually meaning no conception for three to six months. The downside to invasive surgery is that it may weaken the uterus, making vaginal birth harder and increasing the chances of needing a Cesarean section.

Our team at the Dallas Fibroid Center is here to help you navigate your pregnancy journey. If you're worried about fibroids affecting your ability to have children, reach out to us to schedule an evaluation. Your fertility health is our top priority. 

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