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Uterine Fibroids and Frequent Urination

The symptoms of uterine fibroids can be highly disruptive to normal life. If you have large or numerous fibroid growths, you might experience several uncomfortable symptoms, including heavy menstrual bleeding or repeated trips to the bathroom.

At Dallas Fibroid Center, our team of compassionate specialists recognizes that fibroids can cause life-altering symptoms. Moreover, treatment options have become far more comfortable and fast than traditional surgical methods, which require hospital stays and significant recovery.

You don’t have to have your life interrupted by constant bathroom breaks. If you are urinating frequently and believe that fibroids might be the cause, please don’t hesitate to seek treatment.

The following discusses the connection between fibroids and frequent urination.

What is considered frequent urination?

The need to urinate over eight times during the day or waking more than 2 times a night to urinate is considered frequent urination.

Frequent urination can be caused by multiple factors including excessive fluid intake, drinking sodas or teas, certain medications or uterine fibroids.

Why do fibroids affect urination?

As fibroids develop and grow, they put pressure on both the uterus and nearby organ systems, which include the bladder. When the bladder is pressed by the enlarged uterus and fibroids, it signals that it is full, causing the sensation of the need to urinate.

While any kind of fibroid can cause the need to urinary frequency, subserosal fibroids are the most common for urinary complaints. Subserosal fibroids grow outwards from the uterus putting pressure on surrounding organ structures.

How Fibroid Treatment Stops Frequent Urination

Before symptoms like frequent urination can be relieved, your doctor must perform a comprehensive evaluation that identifies the cause. If the cause is uterine fibroids, the appropriate course of action is to remove the fibroids.

There are several treatment options for removing fibroids. The least invasive option is a procedure called uterine fibroid embolization. Your physician will explore different treatment approaches with you after your condition is diagnosed.

Trusted Fibroid Specialists in Dallas

At Dallas Fibroid Center, we understand how fibroid symptoms can interfere with your quality of life. Fibroids are treatable, and we encourage you to contact us to schedule an appointment today.

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