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How to Have Better Sex with Fibroids

Posted on January 02, 2024

Sex with fibroids can be painful because these non-cancerous growths develop in your uterus, within your muscular uterine lining or attached to the outer surface. As a result, they can make sex a source of fear. But that doesn't have to be the case.

First, it's important to know that it's safe to have sex with fibroids, even if you experience discomfort. But to truly enjoy your intimate life, you have to start with communication. Tell your partner how you feel, and expect to receive emotional support and understanding. Once that connection is established, you can try some of these suggestions designed to reduce discomfort.

Sex with Fibroids: Making it Easier

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Some women begin to lose their sex drive when fibroids form. But even if you're just as interested in intercourse, you may feel hesitant after a painful encounter. Here's some tips to make things more enjoyable in the bedroom.

1. Emphasize foreplay

If you know you have fibroids, you may be worried about experiencing pain with intercourse. So, if you and your partner focus on foreplay, you can both relax and get your body ready for penetration, simultaneously reducing the chances that sex will hurt.

2. Experiment with positioning

You may find that certain positions hurt more than others, depending on the location of your fibroid. In order to avoid discomfort, be open to moving things around and trying new positions until you discover ones that only feel good in your body.

3. Take a new approach to intimacy

For some women, any form of penetration will be painful while living with untreated fibroids. But that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy an intimate connection with your partner. So, while you research treatment options, look for other ways you can stay close and connected, both physically and emotionally.

Sex with Fibroids: Treatment Can Restore Intimacy

One of the best ways to resolve painful sex caused by fibroids is to treat these growths! Here at our Dallas fibroid center, we provide minimally invasive Uterine Fibroid Embolization, shrinking fibroids without surgery or overnight stays in the hospital.

For at least one week after UFE, you'll need to avoid sexual intercourse for at least a week. However, following your recovery, painful sexual activity should be a thing of the past. In fact, this 2017 study, showed that 80% of UFE patients enjoyed dramatic improvements in their sex lives one year after t heir procedures. Ready to reclaim your sexual health? Click here to request an appointment with our Dallas fibroid specialists.

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