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How Fast do Uterine Fibroids Shrink After Embolization?

Posted on December 18, 2023

How fast do uterine fibroids shrink after embolization? While each woman's experience is unique, most start noticing fibroid shrinkage by three months post-procedure. But even after that, the fibroids could continue to shrink for between six and nine months. Sounds promising? Let's take a closer look at how uterine fibroid embolization (UFE) can deliver these results.

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What is UFE?

It's a minimally invasive treatment approved by the FDA to shrink fibroids by cutting off their blood supply. And, with UFE, you can avoid surgery; skip the overnight hospital stay, and keep your uterus, making this an in-demand treatment option. Still, we'll need to see you in the office to confirm that you're a candidate.

If you choose to undergo UFE, our Dallas interventional radiologists will begin your procedure by inserting a catheter through a small incision, meaning you don't need to worry about major scarring. Next, they guide the catheter to the vessels supplying blood to your fibroids. Once in place, they insert tiny embolic particles to block off the flow of blood to the fibroids. Then, in the next days, weeks, and months, your fibroids should shrink, simultaneously improving your symptoms.

UFE Advantages

Choosing UFE means you get to preserve your uterus, avoiding menopause and surgery. It's also a minimally invasive, out-patient procedure, lowering the cost and the risk for complications. Additionally, you'll face a shorter recovery period.

So, How Fast do Uterine Fibroids Shrink After UFE?

UFE is a very successful procedure: 90% of women who choose this procedure are pleased by their improved quality of life and reduced symptoms. Now, each woman will experience relief on a different time frame. Some will instantly experience relief, while the process may be longer for others. Your outcomes may depend on your own body, along with the size and location of fibroids being treated.

While there is variation, most women experience significant fibroid shrinkage within six months of their procedures. And, though the growths may not disappear entirely, due to the significant size reduction, your symptoms should resolve and overall quality of life should improve.

Ready to find out for yourself how fast do uterine fibroids shrink after UFE? Click here to request an appointment with our fibroid specialists in Dallas!

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