Should I Worry My Period Blood is Black?

Menstrual blood comes in many shapes and colors. But if your period blood turns black, there may be cause for concern. Keep reading for important details.

Why is my period blood black now?

During the course of a normal period, you may notice several color changes. That could mean your flow looks brown or black at times, especially at the beginning or end of the cycle.

Why all the color changes? If blood hangs out for a while, either in the uterine lining or the vagina, that can lead to oxidation. In turn, the blood may change to a darker color. So, at times when blood has been stored for a bit (either at the start of the cycle, after a month of build-up, or at the end, as the last of the lining to be shed) that dark color of flow is normal.

Other things that turn period blood black

The Cleveland Clinic assures women that this color change isn’t usually a problem. Still, if you also have a heavy or irregular cycle, or you’re passing large blood clots, you should discuss these changes with your doctor.

Why is that the case? When you have heavy or irregular periods, you could have uterine fibroids. That matters because, in some cases, black period blood is a sign of a miscarriage. And, since having fibroids during your pregnancy may increase your risk of having a miscarriage, it’s crucial to mention this symptom to your OBGYN.

Normal or not?

Suddenly noticing period blood that’s black could just mean that you’re starting or ending your flow. And, if that’s the case, this change is completely normal. However, if you’re also dealing with irregular periods; may be pregnant; or also have smelly discharge, you could have other health concerns. As such, it’s time to talk to your doctor about changes to the color of your flow that are accompanied by other changes to your cycle.

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