How to Get Help for Painful Sex

Are you seeking help for painful sex? If you have uterine fibroids, sexual intercourse may be painful. Remember, fibroids are uterine tumors, but aren’t usually cancerous. They can grow large or be almost undetectable in size,  and they can develop in different parts of your uterus. So, if fibroids develop near the cervix, that can make it very painful to assume certain sexual positions. They could even make you experience bleeding after intercourse. As such, you may feel like avoiding sex.

Of course, this can be an emotional and physical challenge. But there is hope for relief. First, you should know that certain positions can provide relief. Even better? There are treatments for painful sex currently in development. And that could mean help for painful sex for every woman, not just those with fibroids.

Help for Painful Sex: Try These Positions I shrink my fibroids naturally

If fibroids are the cause of your painful sex, choosing positions that limit the depth of penetration could be helpful. Why? This prevents your partner from putting extra pressure on the fibroids near your cervix. And that should limit pain during and following intercourse.

Another option to try? Consider using a CBD-infused lubricant during intercourse. While not scientifically proven, many women report relief during intercourse when working with this product.

Medical Solutions

While fibroids are one cause of painful sex, they aren’t the only ones. In fact, a Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology study reveals that giving Gabapentin (a fibromyalgia drug that also treats oral nerve pain) to women with chronic sexual pain resulted in relief.

Now, the women in this study who needed help for painful sex suffered from vulvodynia. That’s a chronic condition characterized by stinging, burning and itching at the vagina’s opening. It’s often made worse by sexual intercourse, or even by using tampons.

For the 230 women in this study, taking Gabapentin allowed them to experience less pain and improved levels of arousal and sexual satisfaction. Now, we know that vulvodynia pain does not have the same origins as fibroid-related sexual pain, but they do share one common factor: discomfort and tightness in the pelvic area. So, since Gabapentin seems to help women by alleviating their pelvic pain, this could also help alleviate some symptoms experienced by  women with fibroids.

Managing Pain Before Solving the Problem

We know that many women need time to explore their treatment options after receiving a fibroids diagnosis. But we also know that you need to live your life right now. For that reason, we want to offer help so you can manage painful sex while you take the time to find a more-lasting solution to your fibroid symptoms.  Looking for a non-surgical, less-invasive fibroid treatment such as UFE? Reach out to our Dallas fibroid specialists to day for a comprehensive consultation.


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