Do Fibroids Cause Bloating?

Is fibroids bloating making you feel uncomfortable? Are you wondering if the bloating will go away once you treat your uterine fibroids? In this post, we’ll explain how these non-cancerous uterine growths cause your stomach to swell. And we’ll give you some options for relief.  First, though, we’ll provide a brief explanation of why you get fibroids in the first place.

Why do uterine fibroids form? woman with a bloated belly

As of now, science hasn’t determined the exact reason why women develop fibroids. But here’s what we do know.
These uterine growths are typically non-cancerous. The tumors form from muscle tissue. And certain factors can increase your risk for developing fibroids, including your family history; your race (Black women have a much higher rate of fibroid formation); and chemicals that disrupt your hormones, including those found in certain hair products and in common plastics.

Some women never develop fibroid symptoms. But others deal with heavy periods; pelvic pain; painful intercourse; changes in the shape of the uterus; and even fibroids bloating!

Fibroids Bloating: Why it Happens

Many women know that fibroids can interfere with your menstrual cycle, causing heavy bleeding, or spotting when you’re not on your period. But fibroids can interfere with more than just your monthly cycle. In fact, depending on the size of these growths, they can press against nearby organs including your bladder and rectum. As a result, they may affect how often you urinate or complete bowel movements.

But why is fibroids bloating a problem? While not every woman with fibroids experiences this symptom, it’s quite common for women with large growths, or those with penduculated fibroids. (Those are uterine growths that develops outside the uterus, attaching itself to the organ with a stalk or ‘penducle.’) In some cases, the bloating is mild, yet at other times your distension can make you look like you’re several months pregnant.

Will UFE Relieve Fibroids Bloating?

When you have fibroids and bloating, or other disruptive symptoms, it can be hard to make it through the day without pain or discomfort. Now, some women try to treat each fibroid symptom separately.  But the only way to find lasting relief is to treat the cause of those symptoms: the uterine fibroids themselves.

Now, for years, doctors told women that the only cure for fibroids was a hysterectomy. But you can treat your growths without surgery of any kind. How is that possible? Here in Dallas, Dr. Luke Carlson provides UFE, or Uterine Fibroid Embolization. This is a minimally invasive treatment option that shrinks the tumors, relieving painful symptoms in the process. And it can do so without forcing you to stay overnight in the hospital. Ready to find out if  you’re a candidate for UFE? Call our office or click here to schedule a consultation!

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